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Trendsetter® LB is not available in New York. Trendsetter LB Accelerated Death Benefits are subject to state availability and variation. This quote is an estimate only for Trendsetter LB life insurance policies and is subject to underwriting. Trendsetter LB premiums apply to U.S. residents only.

Benefits provided through the Living Benefits, including the critical, chronic and terminal illness accelerated death benefits, are subject to certain limitations and exclusions. Amounts payable under the benefits vary based in part on the nature and severity of the Insured's health condition and the Insured's remaining life expectancy at the time of the acceleration as determined by the company. Refer to the policy contract for complete details.

Certain riders are available at an additional cost. Riders and rider benefits have specific limitations and may not be available in all jurisdictions. For complete details including the terms and conditions of each rider and exact coverage provided, please consult the company.

Minimum face amount available for quotes is $25,000. Premiums quoted show estimated class based on submitted criteria. Your actual premiums will vary, depending on your health history, company determined underwriting status, age, height, weight, sex and coverage preferences. Premiums for other classes, ages, and face amounts for males and females may be higher or lower and are available upon request.

Trendsetter® LB is a term life insurance policy, Policy Form ICC17 TL21, TL21 0417, TL19 CA 0417 issued by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA. Premiums increase annually beginning in year 11 for the 10-year policy, in year 16 for the 15-year policy, in year 21 for the 20-year policy, in year 26 for the 25-year policy, and in year 31 for the 30-year policy. Not available in New York. Policy form and number may vary, and this policy and the riders with this policy may not be available in all jurisdictions. Insurance eligibility and premiums are subject to underwriting. In most states, in the event of suicide during the first two policy years, death benefits are limited only to the return of premiums paid.